Call of Duty: With the arrival of franchises, 100Thieves withdraws from the competitive scene

An unprecedented change will come on the competitive stage of Call of Duty, with an Overwatch league style league in 2020: franchises, an entry fee for teams, and attachment to a locality. These changes did not please 100Thieves, who left the scene.

Next year, competitive teams on Call of Duty will no longer qualify via tournaments, but the teams present will have a fixed entry fee. According to sources, the price of this entry fee would be $25 million (more than the Overwatch League the first year): a price that would be too high for the structure of 100Thieves.

The eSportive structure has no doubt the means to afford this place if it wanted. But as its director explained, this investment would involve too much risk for 100Thieves, because in addition to the entry price, its presence in the league will require logistics costs and a total rebranding. Not to mention the great unknown that is the audience.

If we compare this future model to the Overwatch League, the publisher who has his say on the eSports scene of Call of Duty is Activision. The requirement to relinquish one’s brand name to one’s locality is directly inspired by the other league, which draws on traditional sports such as the NBA.

For its first-year franchise league, which will launch in the spring of 2020, 9 teams have still been confirmed. Here are the localities and businesses behind these investments:

  • Atlanta (Atlanta Esports Ventures, who also has a team in Overwatch League: Atlanta Reign)
  • Dallas (EnvyUs, who also has Dallas Fuel in OWL)
  • Florida (Misfits, who has Florida Mayhem in OWL)
  • Los Angeles 1 (Immortals, which has Los Angeles Valiant)
  • Los Angeles 2 (Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, which has LA Gladiators)
  • Minnesota (WISE Ventures, who does not have another team)
  • New York (NY Mets, who owns NY Excelsior in OWL)
  • Paris (c0ntact Gaming, which has Paris Eternal)
  • Toronto (OverActive Media, which has Toronto Defiant in OWL)

It is clear that the publisher has negotiated with teams already present in Overwatch League to recruit his teams in the inaugural season of the league franchise of Call of Duty.

TGS 2019: Sony unveils its line-up for the show

Sony Interactive Entertainment has unveiled plans for the Tokyo Game Show 2019. In contrast to what it usually does, the Japanese giant has not chosen to hold a press conference on the sidelines of the show this year.

Sony has just revealed the names of the biggest titles it will present on its booth Tokyo Game Show 2019. On the side of playable titles are:

  • Nioh 2
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
  • Space Channel 5 VR: Funky Kinda News Flash! (PlayStation VR)
  • Iron Man (PlayStation VR)

The Japanese manufacturer also explains that other titles of Sony will also be playable.

In addition to these playable titles, Sony will also offer a “theater” on its stand on which it will present Death Stranding to the audience. This means that Hideo Kojima’s game will not be playable during the last major show before its release in November.

You can count on us to bring you the latest information from the show.

One Punch Man: Road to Hero unveiled in new video

One Punch Man: Road to Hero debuts today on iOS and Android, and to celebrate this, Bandai Namco has released a very entertaining video.

One Punch Man: Road to Hero tells the story of the original series and includes almost every character, with the original voices of the actors of the anime. The addition of the content of the second season is complete after the launch of the game, which is good to know for some aesthetes such as Plume.

Recall for some, including ouame, that One Punch Man is a very popular Japanese manga, written by ONE and illustrated by Yusuke Murata and has already been sold more than 20 million copies in Japan.

Here, we are in the shoes of Saitama, a human who becomes a hero, “losing his hair and some of his feelings but gaining a lot of strength through his hard training.” In the end, he joined the Association of Heroes with his disciple Genos and faces various monsters, villains and catastrophic events in the company of many other heroes.

Here are the characteristics of the game:

  • Officially certified: an authentic reproduction of the successful anime that contains the original voices of the actors
  • Play every fight: relive the thrilling confrontations with powerful mysterious beings, such as Vaccine-man, King of the Depths and Lord Boros
  • More than 50 characters to collect
  • Create the ultimate team: each hero has special skills and the combination of these techniques is crucial. It’s up to you to create a team with an optimized synergy
  • Power is king: use a combination of strategy to reach the top through the multiple fighter modes available.

Telltale comes back from the dead

Disappearing a little less than a year ago in questionable conditions, the studio at the origin of The Walking Dead and a host of narrative games of varying quality is in the resuscitation phase.

We can not say we had seen it coming. Telltale Games, which was shut down in October 2018 at a speed that did not even give employees time to turn around, will restart after a buyout by LCG Entertainment.

The official statement said veterans Jamie Ottillie (Dark Seed Cyber ​​Race) and Brian Waddle (ex-Havok) led the acquisition, with the help of investors such as Lyle Hall (former Westwood Studio, THQ, Crystal Dynamics), Chris Kingsley (Rebellion) and former DICE boss Tobias Sjögren. The offices will be based in Malibu, with an antenna in Corte Madera, and we learn that key members of the company of origin have been recalled, in freelance with the horizon of fixed positions, by this new Telltale.

On the development side, it seems certain, as Polygon has learned, that the rights of The Wolf Among Us and Batman, as well as Puzzle Agent, are insured. Other licenses may also come back. More information will be shared in the coming weeks.

Ottilie, CEO, adds:

We are still evaluating the situation but we clearly want to continue some of these stories.

The Walking Dead, a series that put the company originally founded in 2004 in the spotlight, will remain in the purse of Skybound, and, as regards, the adaptation of Stranger Things that was announced last year, Netflix has just recovered rights.

The games that will be developed should keep the episodic format, but at a rate of publication perhaps more sustained to satisfy the practitioners of binge-watching.

Aladdin and The Lion King: Two Remasters are announced in a compilation

In terms of entertainment, you know it all too well: nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed. You thought the Disney ogre wouldn’t just recycle his biggest cartoons to make easy money? It would be very naive.

After the CGI versions of Aladdin and the Lion King have allowed Disney to rake in a lot of money, the company now seems anxious to bring out the videogame adaptations.

Respectively released in 1993 and 1994 on Mega Drive and Super Nintendo, Aladdin and The Lion King will also experience the joys of an HD remaster in good form, in a compilation aptly named Aladdin and The Lion King.

This is what we learned today thanks to a Twitter user named wolverinefactor, who was able to attend the announcement of this HD compilation during a presentation reserved for those responsible for the US chain store GameStop, as shown in the photo taken on this occasion.

Expected next fall according to this same stolen photo, Aladdin and The Lion King could be released in a physical version on PlayStation 4, Switch and Xbox One. The only question now is to know which version(s) of the two games will be proposed here: if The Lion King is not really debated, the different versions of Aladdin are once again likely to ignite the canvas. Will we enjoy the superb vision of David Perry out on Mega Drive? Or that of Capcom, exclusive to the Super Nintendo? The bets are open.

World of Warcraft Classic: The launch is a success

World of Warcraft Classic servers launched last night. The players were there en masse, which put a lot of strain on the servers.

The return to the roots of World of Warcraft, with the return to a version of the game that is more than 15 years old (from 2004), was a great success. The servers launched this August 26, with many players ready on the starting line.

Many players were indeed connected to the servers the same evening of the release of the game. The queues were very long for some, with up to several hours of waiting (a classic experience until the end). But the waiters held, which was the main challenge for the team of developers who added 4 servers just to hold at launch time.

On the audience side, Twitch had more than a million spectators in total on the game, which rose to the top of the most-watched titles for one night, ahead of Fortnite (the game is still in half a million spectators this morning).

A lot of the sights are due to the rush that big guilds started, like Method, which won the last “Race to World First.” The goal is to be the first to reach the max level on the game (which is 60). That means more than 100 hours of experience.

The figures will certainly fall after last night, but the servers will definitely be active for a while. For its part, Blizzard has promised 5 important updates to bring more content.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne: New beta on PS4 and Xbox One

You who feel the foul breath of the back to school tickle your nostrils, you see next week as an insurmountable ordeal, you who want fun before returning to school: Capcom thought of you.

The Japanese publisher did not hesitate to make a small gift to the players in anticipation of the arrival of the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne expansion. A Beta will be held in the coming days, without the need to have the basic game, to discover this new snowy region is the Eternal Frost, where awaits you a new fauna just waiting to taste the new hunting mechanics.

PC players are excluded from the case. Only the consolers can rejoice:

  • On PS4, you will have access to Beta from Friday, August 30th to Sunday, September 1st.
  • On Xbox One, the beta will be trial from Monday, September 2nd to Thursday, September 5th.

It will not be necessary to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber but the Xbox Live Gold subscription is required. Prepare 8 GB of disk space if you are interested.

Four quests will be proposed: Grand Jagras, Banbaro, Tigrex and, for the first time in beta, the Velkhana. Each accomplished mission will unlock content in the final game. On the side of arms, fourteen will be on trial and new features will be part of it.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, who will need the basic game to shoot, will be available on September 6 on PS4, Xbox One, and on PC in January 2020.

Gamescom 2019: More information on Borderlands Endgame 3

After finishing the main story, what will you still have to do? 2K unveiled at Gamescom two game modes that will be unlocked in Borderlands Endgame 3: the training ground and the bullring of the Circle of the massacre, both infinitely replayable on paper.

2K continues to drop more information on the content of the game, less than a month before its release. After organizing a long gameplay session in early August, Paul Sage, creative director, told Gamescom a little more about the endgame of the game.

The first thing that will be available in Borderlands Endgame 3 is the training ground. Players will be able to go to an Ark, where a guard will give them the mission to kill everything inside in a limited time. As a reward, players will get rare weapons. There will be 6 training grounds in all (one per planet?).

The second mode of play is already known to the regulars of the license: it is the arena of the Circle of the Massacre (sponsored by Torgue, the mark of weapons in-game). In these areas, the only goal is to survive. Waves of enemies will be sent to eliminate you, obviously stronger and stronger each time, and the longer you survive, the better the reward in the end.

Borderlands 3 will be released on September 13, 2019 on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Gamescom 2019: The latest news about Gears 5

Microsoft did not hide that Gears 5 would be among the stars of Gamescom 2019. And that did not fail. The new game of The Coalition was indeed put forward during the show, which allowed us to learn more about it.

Horde mode will be back in Gears 5 and Microsoft is talking about a new evolution of this multiplayer mode. In the Gears 5 version of the Horde mode, this is about new mechanics of gameplay specific to each protagonist. According to the American giant, each character has his own “personality, progression, style of play and legacy.” In an attempt to survive, players will now be able to activate Ultimate Abilities such as JD’s Air Strike or Kait’s Camouflage.

Another novelty, players will be able to play Jack (the drone) in the Horde 5 mode of Gears. The latter does not need to take cover, can boost nearby allies and hack enemies. The Canadian studio behind the Gears of War games explains about the playable characters that other protagonists will be added over time. Finally, The Coalition also reported adding the “Power Taps” system to the Gears 5 Horde mode. The studio says the mechanics encourage players to move their bases to get more rewards and power.

As the leak this morning has indicated, Gears 5 will indeed offer content related to Halo: Reach. Buyers of the Gears 5 Ultimate Edition, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will receive the Halo: Reach Character Pack. The latter adds two new characters to the Gears 5 Horde and Versus modes: the Spartan Emile-A329 and Kat-B320 (these two heroes will have their own Ultimates and will be doubled by their original actors). But that’s not all. Cosmetics related to the Noble Team will also be present in this pack: a Noble Team skin for Jack, a Noble Team banner, a Noble Team Blood Spray, a Noble Team marker or a range of Noble Team weapons.

Finally, Microsoft has also announced a new Gears 5 clothing collection by AAPE by A Bathing Ape. People who buy clothes from this collection will receive cosmetic DLC for Gears 5. An AAPE x Gears 5 pack that also contains cosmetic elements will be offered in-game. The price of this pack has not yet been released.

Gears 5 will be released on September 10 on Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam. Those who purchase the Ultimate Edition of the game will be able to play on September 6th.

Sony announces acquisition of Insomniac Games (Marvel’s Spider-Man)

The arms race continues. After multiple acquisitions of studios made by Microsoft in recent months, Sony is getting in on the action too. And the Japanese giant has secured the services of the studio behind one of the biggest successes in its history.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that it has reached an agreement that will lead to the acquisition of Insomniac Games. The amount spent by Sony to buy the studio was not disclosed.

A long-time partner of the Japanese manufacturer, the Californian studio founded by Ted Price was more recently behind Marvel’s Spider-Man, a title that was very successful.

This acquisition makes Insomniac Games the 14th studio of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios. Over time, Insomniac Games has developed many games for PlayStation consoles such as the original Spyro The Dragon , the Ratchet & Clank series and the Resistance trilogy.

In the latest news, Insomniac is working on Stormland, an FPS in virtual reality. Given the success of Marvel’s Spider-Man, it’s a safe bet that his suite will be started sooner rather than later.

What do you think of this buyout? Is buying Insomniac a wise choice from Sony? Which games would you like Insomniac to develop for Sony? Give us your opinion in the comments below.