Konami launches ‘Metal Gear Survive’ for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC

Metal Gear Survive is here. Konami’s new title takes the story from the end of ‘Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes’, and puts the player in the shoes of a soldier who helped Big Boss escape during the descent to Mother Base. The studio has just released the game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and […]

Customized ‘PUBG’ games for PC

PUBG’ (‘Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds’) is the competitor of the all-powerful, yet popular, ‘Fortnite’. What’s new about Bluehole’s video game is that custom games are going to reach more players. For now, the novelty is for those who play on PC (not on Xbox One) and for the moment in a beta. This game option allows us […]

Nintendo: Kyoto’s former premises will soon be turned into a hotel

While our Western (and particularly European) societies have a very special, if not political, relationship with history, the heirs of Confucian thought do not focus as much on the preservation of the historical heritage, and therefore do not hesitate to raze it to the ground for free, as was recently the case with Sega. A […]

Google Stadia: The official release date and time

Players who keep themselves informed of gaming news have known for several months that Stadia will land in some territories next November. The exact date of the commissioning of Google’s platform has not been announced. Till today. Google took advantage of the conference it held on Tuesday to reveal the latest information about the launch […]

PS VR 2: a patent unveils new details

New patents filed by Sony have put the PlayStation VR under the spotlight. Two patents today spotted by Let’s Go Digital reveal some details about the future virtual reality helmet of the Japanese manufacturer. If the look of the PlayStation VR 2 seems relatively similar to the first iteration of the headset, Sony seems to […]

PS5: Ray-tracing, a new interface, 4K Blu-Ray player – the latest official news

Sony has just revealed new information on the PlayStation 5. These details on the new PS5 controller and the release date of the console are however not the only ones to have been broadcast by the electronics giant. The latter has indeed lifted the veil on several other elements related to the PS5. We have […]

Xbox Scarlett: Microsoft files two patents evoking virtual reality

Will Microsoft be putting itself into battle? That’s what you might think: after the many clues unveiled last week about the potential features of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett, it’s a proper patent filing that comes to us today and gives some clues on what awaits us in the coming months. Last Wednesday, the […]