Google Stadia: The official release date and time

Players who keep themselves informed of gaming news have known for several months that Stadia will land in some territories next November. The exact date of the commissioning of Google’s platform has not been announced. Till today. Google took advantage of the conference it held on Tuesday to reveal the latest information about the launch […]

Xbox will produce the first consoles not emitting CO2

Several players in the video game industry have taken advantage of the recent United Nations Climate Summit to take concrete action on ecology. If you’ve heard about Sony’s promise for the next generation of PlayStation consoles, Microsoft has also committed to reducing its CO2 emissions. Microsoft is one of 21 companies in the industry that […]

Capcom unveils Shinsekai: Into the Depths – and it’s available now

Last July, we were informed that Capcom had quietly filed the brand “Shinsekai: Into the Depths.” After a total silence on the part of the Japanese publisher, we now know what it is about. And it would clearly have been difficult to guess what Capcom was preparing. Capcom has just announced and marketed Shinsekai: Into […]

Nintendo Switch: Ring Fit Adventure is coming

Teased last week, the new experience is well underway to train players on the road to fitness has finally been unveiled. And no, it’s not called Switch Fit at all! Get ready physically and mentally. On October 18th, the Nintendo Switch will host Ring Fit Adventure, an adventure game that will offer exploration and confrontation […]

One Punch Man: Road to Hero unveiled in new video

One Punch Man: Road to Hero debuts today on iOS and Android, and to celebrate this, Bandai Namco has released a very entertaining video. One Punch Man: Road to Hero tells the story of the original series and includes almost every character, with the original voices of the actors of the anime. The addition of […]

Aladdin and The Lion King: Two Remasters are announced in a compilation

In terms of entertainment, you know it all too well: nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed. You thought the Disney ogre wouldn’t just recycle his biggest cartoons to make easy money? It would be very naive. After the CGI versions of Aladdin and the Lion King have allowed Disney to rake in […]

Monster Hunter World Iceborne: New beta on PS4 and Xbox One

You who feel the foul breath of the back to school tickle your nostrils, you see next week as an insurmountable ordeal, you who want fun before returning to school: Capcom thought of you. The Japanese publisher did not hesitate to make a small gift to the players in anticipation of the arrival of the […]

Sony announces acquisition of Insomniac Games (Marvel’s Spider-Man)

The arms race continues. After multiple acquisitions of studios made by Microsoft in recent months, Sony is getting in on the action too. And the Japanese giant has secured the services of the studio behind one of the biggest successes in its history. Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that it has reached an agreement that […]

After shootings, Donald Trump targets video games

This Saturday, August 3, 2019, the cities of El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, have experienced the atrocity of two shootings. The President of the United States addressed the nation this Monday, August 5 to return to these tragedies and brought up 3 points of concern: Internet, mental health and video games. Donald Trump presented […]