Xbox Scarlett: Microsoft files two patents evoking virtual reality

Will Microsoft be putting itself into battle? That’s what you might think: after the many clues unveiled last week about the potential features of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett, it’s a proper patent filing that comes to us today and gives some clues on what awaits us in the coming months. Last Wednesday, the […]

Nintendo Switch Lite: Already a revision in preparation?

The Nintendo Switch Lite has been on the market for only a few days, and various cases reported around the world indicate that the console suffers from the same problems as his illustrious big sister. Is Nintendo working to solve the problem of Joy-Con Drift on Switch Lite? Impossible to say. On the other hand, […]

League of Legends: What Is The Future of Teamfight Tactics?

On September 25, Riot Games released a text on the future of Teamfight Tactics, both on the game and its competitive scene. In addition, the publisher has released figures of attendance and popularity of the latest mode of play. Riot Games has ensured it is working doubly hard to contribute to the development of Teamfight […]

The organizers of E3 want to make a festival with influencers

Two years after opening its doors to the public for the first time, the famous Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known in its shortened version E3, continues to evolve. We discovered this morning that the Electronic Software Association (ESA), the organizer of the show in Los Angeles, would like to turn the show into a “festival […]

Final Fantasy VII Remake: An iconic visual of the modernized PS1 game

While waiting for news during the Tokyo Game Show that starts this Thursday, September 12, Square Enix celebrates the twenty-two years of the US release of Final Fantasy VII with a remake of an iconic game. It was on September 7, 1997 that the adventures of Cloud, Tifa and the others collided with the North […]