PUBG’ (‘Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds’) is the competitor of the all-powerful, yet popular, ‘Fortnite’. What’s new about Bluehole’s video game is that custom games are going to reach more players. For now, the novelty is for those who play on PC (not on Xbox One) and for the moment in a beta.

This game option allows us to modify each section of the battle royale. So we can choose the number of players, participating servers, map, game perspective, team, weather and mode.

In addition, it will be possible to decide the behavior of the circle, the number of vehicles or weapons. It is also possible to change War Mode and Zombie Mode, or invite specific players to play. In short, you can change various rules to make the game more exciting.

Customized games are currently being tested, so the studio wants to hear from players to improve the experience. “If the demand for custom games is unexpectedly high, the servers could have problems,” Bluehole said, anticipating possible complaints from beta users.

So only 10,000 simultaneous custom games are accepted, with the idea that the servers will remain stable. Once the system is final, it will be launched on the live servers.

Playing in this beta will be free, but the company doesn’t rule out that this will change when the multiplayer mode of ‘PUBG’ becomes definitive and not in testing: “Because of the large amount of resources needed to make custom games available to everyone, we can change their free status in the future to ensure that everything runs smoothly and the system remains sustainable in the long term.

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