New patents filed by Sony have put the PlayStation VR under the spotlight.

Two patents today spotted by Let’s Go Digital reveal some details about the future virtual reality helmet of the Japanese manufacturer.

If the look of the PlayStation VR 2 seems relatively similar to the first iteration of the headset, Sony seems to have just dropped on the number of cameras, so much so that we would almost want to call it Big Brother. With two front cameras, one on the back of the headphones and another on the new version of the PlayStation Move, fidelity in the reproduction of the player’s movements seems appropriate.

Goodbye motion sickness?

The headset will also be equipped with a microphone, and the patent filed by Sony also mentions a possible second camera, to be connected to the console as is already the case on PlayStation 4. The mention of a transmission without wire information via Bluetooth is also mentioned, which could in the future prevent any drama within your living room.

But that’s not all, since Let’s Go Digital also details a new system of transparency, which would allow the PlayStation VR 2 to let you observe the hard and material reality at times deemed appropriate: at the start of the game, the helmet could not completely occupy your vision, thanks to a reflecting mirror.

Finally, the aforementioned patent states that Sony is studying the possibility of reserving a separate screen for each of your eyes, an option that would allow according to the Dutch site to display a stereoscopic 3D, which would reinforce the immersion, but would also prevent the famous motion sickness that still affects some of the players. All the visuals of the said patent are obviously available in our image gallery below.

This is enough to give us a bit of material, waiting to discover more details and especially officially what is preparing Sony to accompany the release of the PlayStation 5 at the end of the year 2020.

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