Will Microsoft be putting itself into battle? That’s what you might think: after the many clues unveiled last week about the potential features of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett, it’s a proper patent filing that comes to us today and gives some clues on what awaits us in the coming months.

Last Wednesday, the site Gizmondo thought that Microsoft’s Xbox Scarlett would be equipped with a camera, which the manufacturer obviously had to deny in stride. Except today, two new patents filed in April 2018 and just identified by Windows Central seem to attest this theory.

The first of these patents concerns a game mat, represented alongside a camera that looks like it is Kinect. Placed in the middle of the living room, the carpet would be used to complete the immersion of virtual reality, offering many sensors, but also vibrations and other speakers.

Carpet and stylus

The second patent filed at the end of March 2018 by the manufacturer is a little more surprising, or at least less conventional, since it is a device intended to interact with the game, and we will not take the risk of qualifying it. in view of the protean nature of the thing. This “device” that first takes the form of a cube that directly affects the gameplay, moving characters, or even changing their shape.

Finally, a stylus without a tablet also seems part of it, even if it gives more the impression of being able to make grotesque montages on Photoshop than anything else.

Will we know more during the X019 to be held in London from November 14 to 16? Unfortunately, nothing is certain.

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