The Nintendo Switch Lite has been on the market for only a few days, and various cases reported around the world indicate that the console suffers from the same problems as his illustrious big sister. Is Nintendo working to solve the problem of Joy-Con Drift on Switch Lite? Impossible to say. On the other hand, it is possible that the manufacturer is preparing a new version of its most recent machine.

Nintendo recently released a revision of the original Switch. And it seems that a revision of the Switch Lite is also in the plans of the Kyoto firm. Last Monday, Nintendo submitted a new product to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). They received “BKEHDH002” as an identification code.

If the information, documents and other photographs provided by Nintendo to the FCC do not determine what would change in this new Switch Lite, but the fact that this new product has received the code above suggests that it is beautiful and a revision of the Switch Lite. Indeed, the original Switch Lite currently on the market had been assigned the code “BKEHDH001” by the FCC. And the photos provided by Nintendo (one of them illustrates this news) show that “BKEHDH002” is indeed a Switch Lite.

Note that although they were submitted recently, some of these documents were created by Nintendo last July while others date from late September. In addition, in several letters accompanying these documents, Nintendo claimed to the FCC that certain elements of the machine remain confidential.

Therefore, it is impossible to determine the extent of the revision represented by the model “BKEHDH002.” Nothing also makes it possible to know if this last one will correct once for all the problems of “Joy-Con Drift” which suffer all the models of Switch.

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