League of Legends: What Is The Future of Teamfight Tactics?

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On September 25, Riot Games released a text on the future of Teamfight Tactics, both on the game and its competitive scene. In addition, the publisher has released figures of attendance and popularity of the latest mode of play.

Riot Games has ensured it is working doubly hard to contribute to the development of Teamfight Tactics. Moreover, rebalancing updates are numerous and the publisher is still fumbling around regarding the strategy it wants to implement. We should see new changes happen over the next few months, with a 2020 year that looks very active.

Obviously, Riot Games has not forgotten its competitive scene: the publisher announced the creation of a circuit in 2020. No additional information has yet been unveiled.

This release was also the opportunity to reveal the numbers on the success of the game since its release: first, a diagram on the success of Teamfight Tactics compared to other game modes was released. It shows that only the ARURF has in one day raised more hype than this mode of play, and that the number of active players is stable, which is good news for the long-term vision of the game.

Riot Games has revealed that the number of players on CT amounted to 33 million (which would be 3 times larger than Apex Legends, for comparison). In addition, this mode of play would have brought back 33% of the community on League of Legends.

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