Last July, we were informed that Capcom had quietly filed the brand “Shinsekai: Into the Depths.” After a total silence on the part of the Japanese publisher, we now know what it is about. And it would clearly have been difficult to guess what Capcom was preparing.

Capcom has just announced and marketed Shinsekai: Into the Depths, a brand new game available exclusively through the Apple Arcade, the new subscription game service from Apple.

According to the Japanese publisher, Shinsekai: Into the Depths is an action game in which the player embodies the last survivor of the human species. The concept of the gameplay is based on the exploration of the seabed, and more particularly of an “unexplored aquatic world.”

As it progresses in its exploration, the player will be able to recover resources which will, in turn, allow building new equipment giving the possibility of sinking even deeper into the depths. Since this is diving, the player will obviously have to keep an eye on oxygen and pressure levels.

Note that Capcom wanted to clarify that to provide an authentic musical atmosphere, developers Capcom Japan have “broadcasted music and sound effects via speakers immersed in the water.” According to the publisher, this has the effect of improving the sensation of submarine immersion.

Apple Arcade subscribers will be able to play Shinsekai: Into the Depths on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and Apple TV.

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