Two years after opening its doors to the public for the first time, the famous Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known in its shortened version E3, continues to evolve.

We discovered this morning that the Electronic Software Association (ESA), the organizer of the show in Los Angeles, would like to turn the show into a “festival for fans, the media, and influencers.”

ESA has written to lobbyists in the sector to explain that publishers would like to push E3 in this direction: celebrities and / or influencers would be paid to provide thematic entertainment, the example cited being that of a Lakers player that could be played on a basketball game. The goal is to create exclusive appointments to create some buzz and generate a fear of missing something.

Even better, ESA would definitely like to set up paid media partnerships in order to control the content and the message broadcast by these same media.

An additional 10,000 tickets could be on sale for the 2020 edition, and queues could become real entertainment areas. The west lobby of the Convention Center would be rearranged to include eight “experience centers” dedicated to high-paying guests.

In short, if ESA’s plans are favorably received by the industry, the E3 2020 could thus move from the status of “trade show” to that of “festival for fans.”

What do you think of this potential new E3 focus? Would the show still interest you in this version? Let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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