Teased last week, the new experience is well underway to train players on the road to fitness has finally been unveiled. And no, it’s not called Switch Fit at all!

Get ready physically and mentally. On October 18th, the Nintendo Switch will host Ring Fit Adventure, an adventure game that will offer exploration and confrontation by completing fitness exercises.

It will be necessary to use the two new accessories delivered with it: the Ring-Con and the leg strap, which will be in charge of evaluating your movements and your efforts in the real world for an effective transcription in the game. The first takes the form of a semi-rigid plastic ring (the Ring-Con) which has a sensor inside it and which will be able to make super-scholarly calculations.

A campaign of twenty chapters, the Adventure mode will be proposed. During the brawls, you will have to use more than 40 fitness techniques. A quick game mode, on the sidelines of this adventure, will allow you to engage in quick sessions and mini-games.

Simple Mode and Programs will let you create your own series of exercises, the first can become competitive and the second individualized to target specific body parts and you chained squats, pressures, flexions and other triple full full full at your own pace.

Finally, to avoid you getting into a confrontation with your neighbors, a silent mode will see the events demanding to run replaced by gestures requiring less impact with the ground.

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