Telltale comes back from the dead

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Disappearing a little less than a year ago in questionable conditions, the studio at the origin of The Walking Dead and a host of narrative games of varying quality is in the resuscitation phase.

We can not say we had seen it coming. Telltale Games, which was shut down in October 2018 at a speed that did not even give employees time to turn around, will restart after a buyout by LCG Entertainment.

The official statement said veterans Jamie Ottillie (Dark Seed Cyber ​​Race) and Brian Waddle (ex-Havok) led the acquisition, with the help of investors such as Lyle Hall (former Westwood Studio, THQ, Crystal Dynamics), Chris Kingsley (Rebellion) and former DICE boss Tobias Sjögren. The offices will be based in Malibu, with an antenna in Corte Madera, and we learn that key members of the company of origin have been recalled, in freelance with the horizon of fixed positions, by this new Telltale.

On the development side, it seems certain, as Polygon has learned, that the rights of The Wolf Among Us and Batman, as well as Puzzle Agent, are insured. Other licenses may also come back. More information will be shared in the coming weeks.

Ottilie, CEO, adds:

We are still evaluating the situation but we clearly want to continue some of these stories.

The Walking Dead, a series that put the company originally founded in 2004 in the spotlight, will remain in the purse of Skybound, and, as regards, the adaptation of Stranger Things that was announced last year, Netflix has just recovered rights.

The games that will be developed should keep the episodic format, but at a rate of publication perhaps more sustained to satisfy the practitioners of binge-watching.

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