Aladdin and The Lion King: Two Remasters are announced in a compilation

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In terms of entertainment, you know it all too well: nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed. You thought the Disney ogre wouldn’t just recycle his biggest cartoons to make easy money? It would be very naive.

After the CGI versions of Aladdin and the Lion King have allowed Disney to rake in a lot of money, the company now seems anxious to bring out the videogame adaptations.

Respectively released in 1993 and 1994 on Mega Drive and Super Nintendo, Aladdin and The Lion King will also experience the joys of an HD remaster in good form, in a compilation aptly named Aladdin and The Lion King.

This is what we learned today thanks to a Twitter user named wolverinefactor, who was able to attend the announcement of this HD compilation during a presentation reserved for those responsible for the US chain store GameStop, as shown in the photo taken on this occasion.

Expected next fall according to this same stolen photo, Aladdin and The Lion King could be released in a physical version on PlayStation 4, Switch and Xbox One. The only question now is to know which version(s) of the two games will be proposed here: if The Lion King is not really debated, the different versions of Aladdin are once again likely to ignite the canvas. Will we enjoy the superb vision of David Perry out on Mega Drive? Or that of Capcom, exclusive to the Super Nintendo? The bets are open.

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