World of Warcraft Classic servers launched last night. The players were there en masse, which put a lot of strain on the servers.

The return to the roots of World of Warcraft, with the return to a version of the game that is more than 15 years old (from 2004), was a great success. The servers launched this August 26, with many players ready on the starting line.

Many players were indeed connected to the servers the same evening of the release of the game. The queues were very long for some, with up to several hours of waiting (a classic experience until the end). But the waiters held, which was the main challenge for the team of developers who added 4 servers just to hold at launch time.

On the audience side, Twitch had more than a million spectators in total on the game, which rose to the top of the most-watched titles for one night, ahead of Fortnite (the game is still in half a million spectators this morning).

A lot of the sights are due to the rush that big guilds started, like Method, which won the last “Race to World First.” The goal is to be the first to reach the max level on the game (which is 60). That means more than 100 hours of experience.

The figures will certainly fall after last night, but the servers will definitely be active for a while. For its part, Blizzard has promised 5 important updates to bring more content.

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