After finishing the main story, what will you still have to do? 2K unveiled at Gamescom two game modes that will be unlocked in Borderlands Endgame 3: the training ground and the bullring of the Circle of the massacre, both infinitely replayable on paper.

2K continues to drop more information on the content of the game, less than a month before its release. After organizing a long gameplay session in early August, Paul Sage, creative director, told Gamescom a little more about the endgame of the game.

The first thing that will be available in Borderlands Endgame 3 is the training ground. Players will be able to go to an Ark, where a guard will give them the mission to kill everything inside in a limited time. As a reward, players will get rare weapons. There will be 6 training grounds in all (one per planet?).

The second mode of play is already known to the regulars of the license: it is the arena of the Circle of the Massacre (sponsored by Torgue, the mark of weapons in-game). In these areas, the only goal is to survive. Waves of enemies will be sent to eliminate you, obviously stronger and stronger each time, and the longer you survive, the better the reward in the end.

Borderlands 3 will be released on September 13, 2019 on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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